Our Guarantee
Professional Attention, Professional Care
Winmax’ quality control from materials to Delivery
In-coming inspection:
Winmax’s inspectors carry out the strictest inspection standards on in-coming materials.
In-Production inspection:
Well-trained inline inspectors are monitoring each of all the production procedures to ensure all preset standards are met without negligence.
Out-Production inspection:
For finished products, inspectors also do their best job to find every possible tiny problem to make sure that all finished goods meet quality standards.
Quality Assurance:
Professional QA team works, with professional analysis method, to categorize the overall quality performance for each order, giving methods for further improvement.
Shipping arrangement:
Winmax’s professional shipping department can provide an overall shipping services for you, including shipping methods suggestion, booking shipping space, container loading and combination, documents preparations, shipping status tracking, B/L confirmation, telex release etc. We will ensure each order shipped to our customer at the safest, fastest and the most economic way.
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